Preservation of your trophy helps to enhance the memories of your hunt forever.  I understand that every mount is special and unique and the possibilities are endless.  If you are interested in a mount type that is not listed, please let me know and I will do my best to assist you.  Currently, I specialize in North American small and large mammal, and bird taxidermy, with plans of including fish in the future.  

**All prices listed are basic taxidermy price only, and tax is not included in the prices listed.  Unless otherwise noted display panels, pedestals, habitat, and major alterations are an additional charge.  Prices of Life Size mounts may vary slightly due to the size of the animal.  Prices are subject to change.  Final pricing determined at time of order. 

Price List


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Terms & Conditions

Wild Stewardship Taxidermy accepts NO responsibility for the legality of the harvest of this wildlife specimen.  I understand that due to factors beyond the control of Wild Stewardship Taxidermy, such as field care, quality of specimen, etc., ALL TANNING is done at hunter/owner's risk.  Wild Stewardship Taxidermy, its owner or employees, will not be held responsible for loss or damage of specimens or other items due to theft, fire, vandalism, or other circumstances or acts of God that are beyond their control.  Wild Stewardship Taxidermy has permission to use photos of the completed work for display electronically, in print, etc.  I understand that if the completed work is not paid for in full and picked up within 30 days of notification of completion, a $10 per day storage fee will be applied to the balance.  After 1 year of non-payment the above work becomes the property of Wild Stewardship Taxidermy and can be sold.  No work will be released from Wild Stewardship Taxidermy until balance is paid in full.